My son has enjoyed Aster Montessori since the summer camp of July, 2021. He got a lot of love and friendship from his teachers and his classmates. We have a very happy experience here, and we can see great improvement in his social, emotional and academic development, especially after he started kindergarten. Aster Montessori provides a family-style environment which is very caring, safe and cozy. My son and I fell in love with it when we toured the school, and this turns out to be a really wise choice for us! All of his teachers are nice and helpful to all kids. They love and respect my son and they teach him a lot with great patience, especially his lead teacher, also director of Aster Montessori. My son learned a lot about plants, animals, continents, countries, food, weather, every aspect about nature and science. Besides, he learned how to write numbers, letters, words and sentences, and how to do addition, subtraction and even multiplication. Aster Montessori is an amazing school which really helps lay a solid foundation for kids. Also, the music program is superb, every school concert was very impressive! Highly recommend!"
- Ye (2021-2023)

My daughter Mihika, started Aster Montessori when she was 3 years old. She also continued in their Kindergarten program and loved it. The Kindergarten curriculum focused not only on reading, writing, and math but also includes science, geography, and computer time. Mihika also enjoyed music and learning Spanish which is offered in their curriculum. Ms. Aparna was teaching the Kindergarten class and the day was full of learning, exploring and skill building. She followed the Montessori philosophy of building a strong foundation. The kids explored the concepts first and then with repetition as kids got more confident with the concept they were moved to advanced levels in each area. In addition, kids did a number of interesting projects throughout the year that were both fun and educational.
Mihika is good at Math, language and writing and also exhibits good manners. I am really happy that she went to Aster Montessori for her pre K and Kindergarten years.
- Mrinali (2012-2015)

Our daughter Jules attended Aster Montessori for two years. We choose the school for a number of reasons. It felt homely, it offered a good Montessori curriculum combined with extra curricular activities such as Spanish, Music, Art etc... It was important to us that there was balance between academia, social skills learning, and creative learning. Jules loved her time at Aster, the teachers were firm, but fair and warm. The teachers along with the new school offered her a wonderful environment for structured and creative learning and we believe she had been well prepared for Kindergarten.
- Michelle & Mark (2013-2015)

My daughter had two great years at Aster Montesori... Pre-k and Kindergarten. The curriculum focused not only on reading, writing, and math but also includes science and geography. Most of all, she enjoyed Spanish and music classes which were offered in the curriculum. She was first exposed to the basics and then challenged with advanced work. In addition, kids did a number of projects throughout the year that were both fun and educational.
The small class size, the detailed planning, and the great job done by the teachers at Aster Montessori attributed to my kid's whole learning experience with good foundation for first grade. - Mamatha

Aster Montessori School is a great place for our kids. The teacher sare very professional, flexible, kind, and caring. They provide a stimulating learning environment in an intimate home-like atmosphere. Aster Montessori has an awesome program! My son is more organized, follows directions, and he has improved his analytical and coordination skills. He loves his teachers and is always very happy to go to school.
- Luis & Maria

Our daughter really enjoyed the time she spent at Aster Montessori. Ms. Aparna is a very good, professional teacher and gives a personal touch whenever she deals with the kids and parents. Our daughter has picked up her vocabulary and math skills very well and she loves her Spanish and Music classes. Keep up the good work!!!!
- Rajesh &Vidhya.

We could not be more pleased with the education our daughter received while in Aster Montessori. She had thrived in the small, orderly class and has benefited from so much individual attention from Ms. Aparna. She had a great preschool year and we are very happy with her academic development.
- Liliana

My daughter, Rhea had a good school year at Aster Montessori. The school environment is safe and clean. Rhea learnt in all different areas whether it was math or reading, science or music. I found Ms. Aparna very professional and was always available to talk about my child's progress. I am very happy with Aster Montessori and staff.
- Shallu

Ms. Aparna, My daughter asks about you a lot. Her teacher has put her in accelerated reading program since she said Sanaya is reading at first grade level. Thanks for the solid foundation!
- Maithili

The best Montessori my kids have ever attended. I can't say enough good things about this school. We moved from Chicago and toured and researched the many Montessori schools in the area. Teachers were so welcoming and attentive to my very shy daughter who had to start a new school every year unfortunately due to my husband’s job. All of the staff are so warm and kind. Both of my children have thrived and learned so much in just the one year they've attended. The school is clean and bright and has a big outdoor space in the back and covered porch area if it rains. My children love their teachers and the friends they have made. My 4 year old asks to go to school every day and my Kindergartner asks to stay in aftercare every day. It's a wonderful school and you definitely won't be disappointed if you send your child there.
- Jennifer G.

Aster Montessori has been our home for the past 5 years. Both of my children have attended the preschool and kindergarten programs and I couldn't be more happier with their outcomes. Aparna, the owner, cares very deeply for the children in her care and has provided the best education for them by hiring the most caring teachers and staff. My son started out in first grade with a great foundation in reading, spelling and math which alleviated some struggles I believe he would have had if he would had not had the more one on one time in the kindergarten program. My daughter is going to be starting first grade this year and she is very prepared as well. I volunteered often and it was fascinating to see what the kids were working on and the environment they were able to learn in. Both of my children's favorite area was the math area. I really liked all of the tactile learning devices that were available. I was also impressed with the reports that you receive 2 times a year. They are 4 pages long and they cover so many items and let you know where your child is. I have never seen a report card this in depth. Our over all experience was excellent and we will miss Ms. Aparna and the rest of the teachers and staff this next year, and I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity for my children.
- Yvonne B.